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This game was made in 48 Hours for the ZGBJAM2 (https://itch.io/jam/zgb-jam-2) game jam. The Game Boy ROM is available for download and can be played in your emulator of choice or on Game Boy hardware using a flash cart or other means.


The theme for the game jam was "I"M HUNGRY!!". Mother bird has appeared with a bevy of delicious worms for her three chicks. Unfortunately, she has also collected not so delicious rocks.

Game play

You control three chicks using the A (worth 3 points), B (worth 2 points), and UP (worth 1 point) buttons. Help the hungry chicks devour worms while avoiding eating rocks.


Be careful as the speed of the worms and rocks will increase with your score!

Good luck!

Install instructions

This game can be played using an emulator or on Game Boy hardware. For a list of compatible emulators with your operating system check out the Emulation General Wiki. To play the game on Game Boy hardware you can use a flash cart like the Krikzz EverDrive-GB or BennVenn's ElCheapo SD, or flashing the ROM to a cartridge using a cart flasher (like BennVenn's Joey or J Rodrigo's Cart Flasher).


hungrybirds_final.gb 64 kB


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my favorite game


Nice little game! Simple gameplay that goes right to the point :) I wish the worms and rocks went a little bit slower maybe? It's a bit too hard!

The game is very polished: graphics, sfx and music!

Thanks for joining the jam :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! I had a great time with the jam and look forward to participating again in the future.

I have uploaded a new version of the game where it is slower in the beginning and gradually speeds up. 

Thanks for playing!